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Featuring a variety of materials to choose from, Maven Roofing will help you properly replace your roof with ease!

Replacement services you can count on for years to come

Whether your existing roof has been damaged, or simply worn out, Maven Roofing offers various manufacturer warranties from 20 years to lifetime warranties on all re-roofing services.  

Ensure a more efficient roofing system with a variety of materials

  • Tile: Weather resistant, durable, long-life, low maintenance cost, easy to replace individual tiles
  • Clay Tiles: Available in an array of shapes, sizes, textures and fade-free colors. Durable and very strong and resistant to all weather conditions

  • Concrete Tiles: Low cost and very durable
  • Metal: Weather and wind resistant, durable, energy-efficient, low maintenance
  • Asphalt: Easy installation, low maintenance, attractiveness, lightweight and affordable

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