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Our proprietary seven stage layering process involves the reconditioning of the underlayment, application of mold and mildicide inhibitors, protection of areas vulnerable to water intrusion, application of hydro-phobic UV protectant layers as well as a final thick, rubber-like coat.  As you can see its more than just a new color tint. Our system for shingles actually penetrates the shingle into the middle asphalt layer to reinforce the shingle. Our competitors coatings only color the shingle. We also use the best coatings for metal, tile and flat roof systems on the market. Some of the many benefits to our roof coating systems include:

  • Cost Savings: between 50% to 80% less than a re-roof!
  • Energy savings: Keeps attics cooler in the Summer and prevents mold buildup during the Winter.  
  • No Major Disruption: You can continue your normal lives while we work on your roof.  
  • Environment: No landfill disposal of the existing roof and cooler roofs help fight global warming – especially the lighter colored roofs.
  • Performance: Our silicone coatings used primarily on flat roofs are permanently waterproof, sun proof, flexible and unaffected by long-term UV exposure or ponding water.

Comprehensive services

Our roof coatings can be used on a variety of systems such as metal roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs and shingle roof systems.

Before and After

Check out these amazing transformations done with our proprietary roof coating applications.

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